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Having your work proofread before you submit it is a great low-cost way of boosting your grade. Universities suggest tha


Editing is for students who need a little more help than proofreading. As more time will be spent improving your paper y


The ‘P’ word (plagiarism) has to be one of the scariest a student can hear. The penalties for committing plagiarism are

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Sometimes you may need more help than our proofreading and editing services provide and prefer someone to write somethin

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Paraphrasing: an Art or a Science?

What happens when you read something in a book, journal or other source and you want to include it in your paper but you can’t find any other way of writing it without losing the meaning. Maybe you ca...

Dissertation help: Proofreading or Editing

You have worked hard on your paper so don’t miss the chance to maximize your grade by getting rid of those grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling errors that could lose you around 10% of your m...

Proofreading essential for international students

International students, even those who have scored really highly in their IELTS or TOEFL tests, face an extra challenge when preparing their written coursework at university. Repeated mistakes are lik

Do I need editing or proofreading?

It can be difficult to decide whether you need proofreading or editing to get the best results for your writing. Proofreading is mostly about removing mistakes, word by word, sentence by sentence. The...