Dissertation proofreading, editing: You have worked hard on your paper so don’t miss the chance to maximize your grade by getting rid of those grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling errors that could lose you around 10% of your marks. This is especially important if English is not your first language. You should also make sure your citations and references are properly checked as it’s very easy to lose marks here.Proofreading

If you think you may need a little more help than proofreading, then you can get that extra help too. Editing means that the professional helping you is going to look beyond the words and sentences and look at your paper as a whole. Are you answering the research question? Is everything relevant to your title or can some parts be edited out. Maybe you have written too many words – believe it or not this happens a lot – word count can be reduced without losing any important points.

Whatever your paper’s topic and however long or short it is we can proofread or edit it to maximise your result. Both UK and American English we will eliminate your errors and send you back an error-free paper. What else would you expect when your paper will be worked on my a professional academic writer who is also a fully qualified English teacher and a former academic tutor.

You can see how much it will cost here. Even if your paper is not ready, you can contact us to reserve your slot.

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