plagiarism300x200We also have a paraphrasing service. The ‘P’ word (plagiarism) has to be one of the scariest a student can hear. The penalties for committing plagiarism are severe. If you are studying on a student visa they can even lead to you being required to leave the country.

The rules on plagiarism apply whether English is your first language or not so for international students it is can be a really big headache. Paraphrasing other people’s writing is a really difficult skill even for native speakers, no wonder international students often find it impossible.

But there is a solution!

An editor, skilled in paraphrasing, can reduce or remove plagiarism in your paper to take the risk out of your writing and the worry from your coursework.

If you are worried that your paper contains too much text that matches other sources or you already have an originality report which shows an unacceptable level of plagiarism then we can solve your problem with our paraphrasing service. Just send your document through and we will let you know how we can help. Below is an example of a paraphrased paragraph.

paraphrasing example















You can use the form below to get a quote for having your paper rewritten to avoid plagiarism problems. You will need to know the level of  matching text you have now and the level you want to bring it down to.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how much plagiarism is in your document send it through to us for checking. You can email your files here…

  • First enter the total number of words in your document.
  • Next, enter the Turnitin percentage plagiarism in your document now. (use numbers only)
  • Now put the percentage that you want it to be reduced to. (use numbers only)
  • Here is your quote. We will confirm the price by email before work begins.